Pump Range

Water pumps are highly beneficial to Australian agriculture, as moving water from a source such as a river, dam, or bore can conveniently assist a wide array of projects. No matter if you are moving water through pipes to storage or running water out through irrigation systems, pumps allow for this process to be minimally labour intensive and highly efficient.


It is important to select the right pump for your project, as the right pump can potentially result in better crop production, saving you money, time and labour. The primary consideration for selecting the right pump is to confirm the required water pressure and flow the pump needs to handle. Understanding the importance of managing pump water flow and delivery will ensure that your pump effectively transfers water no matter your desired application.

The Rural Centre offers a variety of large commercial water pumps and smaller domestic water pumps. Our technicians also provide installation, service and repair options at our three Rural Centre locations. If you need help selecting the right water pump, speak to our experienced staff at any of our three locations for assistance and advice.

Our Water Management Products

For over 50 years, The Rural Centre has delivered highly effective water solutions to clients across Australia’s central west from small domestic water pumps right through to complete stock watering and large-scale oval irrigations systems. We provide a complete water solution, from products and advice to design and planning, installation, service and maintenance.

Utilising advanced technologies to harness and manage agriculture’s most critical input, our team is skilled in determining the most suitable and cost-effective water solution for every customer. From domestic watering systems to commercial and industrial water stations and agricultural applications, trust The Rural Centre.

Efficient water use, sustainable water management, and correct water infrastructure are critical to ensuring responsible farming in Australia and cultivating healthy crops and livestock. From technical services, quality water products supply, design, manufacture and installation, The Rural Centre has a water management solution for any pumping and irrigation need.

Whether it is electric, fuel, or solar pumps required, we are supported by leading companies like Davey, Mono and Franklin. We offer an extensive range of pipe and fittings that are kept in stock supported by Philmac, Poly Pipe Pty Ltd, HR Products, BAT Industrial and Dayco Pacific.

If you require tanks or troughs, we carry a large range from Clearwater Tanks, RapidPlas and Mid-West Concrete. Plus, being members of Prowater gives us access to many product lines and advice combined with a competitive outcome.

Get in contact with your closest Rural Centre in order to enhance the profitability and sustainability of your farm with our Water Management Specialists. No matter if your application is for farm, domestic or commercial use, check out our market-leading water-specific hardware, from Pumps, Pipes & Fittings, Hose & Irrigation and Stock Troughs.