AG Chemicals Product Range

Agricultural Chemicals, or Pesticides, are essential for the management of ecosystems in agricultural sectors. Agricultural chemicals control issues with invasive species, improve crop yields and improve the nutritional value of foods.

The Rural Centre is well equipped to ensure our customers are provided with an extensive range of crop protection products supplied from both international research & development companies to well-recognised manufacturing companies from the likes of Corteva, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science and Nufarm.


Pesticides include a range of substances that protect crops against invasive species. At The Rural Centre, we supply industry-leading herbicides to manage weeds, insecticides for insect infestations, rodenticides to control animal infestation, fungicides for fungal & mould disease control and many more agricultural chemicals for unique crop protection situations.

No matter the lawn problem, our experienced Agronomists can determine the best solution to ensure the health of your lawn. Providing you with the appropriate support to achieve your farming enterprise aims. Get in touch with your closest Rural Centre Agronomist to enhance the profitability and sustainability of your farm.

Our Agronomy Products

Agronomy is concerned with the health, sustainability and well-being of crops used for food production, livestock cultivation and land reclamation, helping to secure future demands for food security. We happily service small holdings through to family farms and large corporate enterprises, providing recommendations through comprehensive inspections and reporting.

Following scientific research, at The Rural Centre, we work directly with farms and companies to implement the best profitable and sustainable solutions for planting, harvesting and cultivating crops.

Our agronomists provide a full range of services and techniques for solving agricultural problems and increasing the efficiency of crop production. Our agronomists pinpoint agricultural causes to ensure you can grow the best possible crops and livestock.

From animal breeding, soil testing, nutrition of crops and pastures, crop and pasture variety selection, how to control pests, weeds, diseases, and weed management. Our agronomists have a broad range of experience across many agricultural areas and can provide practical support for a diverse range of farming issues.

Continued training and accreditation programs by leading companies and industry bodies help our agronomists to keep up to date with new information and research programs, which allow them to provide sound advice to our customers.

Get in contact with your closest Rural Centre Agronomist to enhance the profitability and sustainability of your farm. No matter if your application is for farm, domestic or commercial use, be sure to check out our market-leading Agronomy products, from Fertilisers, Agricultural Chemicals, Cropping & Pasture Seed and General Cropping.