Livestock Health

As experts, The Rural Centre understands the significant role that livestock health plays in overall public health and animal welfare, so we only supply the best livestock medicines and animal health products. Keeping animals in stable health makes life easier, so whether they’re house pets or working animals, ensure their health, happiness and productivity with The Rural Centre.


The Rural Centre stocks a wide array of animal vaccines and food supplements authorised for various animal species and applications to keep infectious diseases at bay. Our extensive range of products is supplied by leading animal health sellers such as Virbac, Zoetis, Boehringer Ingleheim, Elanco, Coopers MSD and Jurox and, in partnership with them, we seek out the most up to date technical advice.

The Rural Centre not only stocks market-leading health products, but our animal welfare professionals provide insightful animal health advice to ensure your animals’ health, happiness, and productivity. Contact The Rural Centre today so our friendly staff can help you address your requirements and maximise your livestock’s production capacity.

Our Livestock Supplies

At The Rural Centre, we offer a full variety of Livestock Supplies to meet all animal requirements – and if we don’t have an item in stock, we can arrange one-time orders for those products!

With local knowledge and expertise, The Rural Centre strives to deliver the right choices and solutions for the improved performance of your livestock enterprise. Provide premium animal health and husbandry programs to meet your unique livestock enterprise requirements with our wide range of livestock inventory, including livestock nutrition, health, handling, & husbandry equipment.

The Rural Centre carries an extensive range of products from leading animal health suppliers such as Virbac, Zoetis, Boehringer Ingleheim, Elanco, Coopers MSD and Jurox and, in partnership with them, we seek out the most up to date technical advice.

We also cover Livestock nutrition, whether it is supplements or feedstuffs. Our supplements include loose-mix minerals from Animal Innovations, stock blocks from both Olssons and Four Seasons or direct injectable supplementation from various suppliers. Feedstuff suppliers include Ridleys, Prydes, Ambos and MSM.

Going hand in hand with health and nutrition is the need for quality livestock handling and husbandry equipment, and livestock identification. Our long-standing partnerships with Arrowquip, Gallagher, Allflex, Leader Products and Shoof ensure that we can provide the right solution for any type of customer.

Of course, we also have access to an extensive range of other suppliers that we can source particular products to suit your specific requirements.

Get in contact with your closest Rural Centre to enhance the profitability and sustainability of your livestock’s production capacity with our Livestock Specialists. No matter if your application is for farm, domestic or commercial use, check out our market-leading livestock supplies, from Livestock Nutrition, Livestock Health, Livestock Handling and Husbandry Equipment.