Wire Fencing Product Range

The Rural Centre supplies a wide variety of wire fencing products to help keep you protected and ensure your crops and livestock stays where they belong with high-quality and cost-effective fences. Our experts offer tailored fencing solutions for your unique operation no matter your terrain, location, or purpose.


The Rural Centre provides a complete line of wire fencing products for various commercial and residential uses, with many thicknesses and tensile strengthen available. From feral animal security, construction requirements, pet fencing, crop protection, legal boundary requirements and much more.

In particular, The Rural Centre offers two popular types of wire fences for extensive property management in Australia. First, plain wire fences where wire strands are strung between strainers or posts for a long-lasting, simple to install, and reasonably priced fencing solution. Or, barbed wire fences, which are made up of two-wire strands twisted together to produce sharp barbs every 10cm along the wire’s length, are frequently used for security and cattle fences.

If you need help selecting the correct wire fence, speak to our experienced staff at any of our three locations for assistance and advice.

Our Fencing Products

Fencing is critical infrastructure on a property and supports a whole host of property management solutions, from protecting land and crops, securing livestock, increasing privacy and prevent unwanted pests from entering. At The Rural Centre, our fencing and steel specialists have the expertise to help you find the best fencing products for any situation, whether that be for farming, housing or commercial environments.

The Rural Centre stocks a comprehensive range of quality rural & domestic fencing products from reputable fencing suppliers and leading manufacturers, including Waratah, Gallagher, Austral Wire, Whites Rural, Thunderbird, Cyclone, Rotech and Christie Engineering. Our fencing specialists will advise you on the right product for your particular circumstances and supply you with the appropriate advice and equipment to mount your fencing.

Our product range includes both Australian made and value imported options:

  • Gal & black steel posts
  • Barbed wire
  • Plain wire
  • Fabricated fencing
  • Exclusion fencing
  • Netting
  • Electric fencing
  • Westonfencing – high powered boundary & exclusion electric fencing
  • Farm gates and gate hardware
  • Christie Post drivers
  • Fencing tools and accessories
  • Gal and black steel strainer posts and stays

Get in contact with your closest Rural Centre to enhance your property’s fencing security and sustainability. No matter if your application is for farm, domestic or commercial use, check out our market-leading fencing products, from Wire Fences, Electric Fences, Farm Gates & Hardware and Steel Post Strainers & Stays.