Castrol Oil

The Rural Centre is an authorised Castrol oil dealer. We stock an extensive range of Castrol oils, Castrol transmission fluids, Castrol lubricants and more to cater for farm, domestic and commercial engines.

We are delighted to offer the best engine oils, gear oils, and transmission fluid on the market to our clients. Castrol is a prominent manufacturer of traditional and completely synthetic motor oils, as well as a variety of specialised lubricants for your vehicle, motorbike, boat, or truck.


Whether you’re working on a standard car, professional farm vehicle or a special weekend racer, you’ll find your ideal Castrol oils and lubricants at The Rural Centre.

Castrol oils are available in a number of weights, including the popular 5W30, 10W30, and 10W40 types. We have Castrol RX, Castrol Magnatec, Castrol Edge, and Castrol GTX oils in quantities ranging from 1 litre to 20 litres to provide our clients with the widest possible selection of oils to choose from.

If you need help selecting the right Castrol oil, speak to our experienced staff at any of our three locations for assistance and advice.

General Merchandise

Rural merchandise is the nuts-and-bolts of country living. The Rural Centre understands that one size does not fit all, which is why our stores have a wide selection of items to meet a wide range of duties and scenarios - whether you have a tiny hobby farm or a large farm. We provide a wide selection of high-quality products and free professional advice, and pleasant individualised service.

No matter your needs, we probably have it, from tools, clothes, torches, wheelbarrows, tie-wire, pet food, pumps, shearing equipment, chain, poly-pipe, boots, washing powder, rope, and chook feed. The Rural Centre offers thousands of high-quality, low-cost items since we work with only the most respected suppliers in the business.

As your local rural business, The Rural Centre stocks an extensive, durable and affordable range of general rural merchandise from users in a residential situation to more extensive broadacre farming.

  • Sprayers including 3-point linkage, trailing, motorised, 12 volts and handheld
  • Feed including pet food, chook food, chaff, hay and salt blocks
  • Castrol oil
  • Garden chemicals and fertilisers
  • Lawn seed
  • Shearing supplies and equipment
  • Truck, tractor and car batteries
  • Pool Magic pool chemicals and pool testing
  • Household gas – Manildra and Molong only
  • Laundry powder
  • General hardware
  • 12-volt diesel transfer units
  • Work boots, Bogs boots, gloves
  • Macnaught grease, oil and fuel transfer equipment

Stocked brands include Hardi, Rapidspray, Solo, Mars Petcare, Hypro, Nestle Purina, Coprice, Ridleys, Castrol, Heiniger, Pool Magic, Bogs footwear, Macnaught, Lion batteries and more.

Get in contact with your closest Rural Centre for everything you need to enhance the profitability and sustainability of your production capacity. No matter if your application is for farm, domestic or commercial use, check out our market-leading fencing products, from Wire Fences, Electric Fences, Farm Gates & Hardware and Steel Post Strainers & Stays.